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Sometimes, in my shows, people who come to visit are not limited to the single vision of the works. Encouraged by a curiosity unsatisfied, they turn to me for explanations and clarifications on partial aspects of one or more paintings, or the general sense of my work.

I state that in me there is no adherence to a programmatic art movement, the only thing certain is that I express myself through figuration. This is not given a choice of my will that, weighing all the modes of expression, he decides to opt for the solution figurative: No, it is the only way to give form to my inner self. It springs spontaneously. And 'the way of making visible what in me is made of matter, mental (emotions, feelings, anxieties, etc.. Etc...)

The suggestions that I feel before an object, person or thing that is, are the engine that pushes me to represent him in a painting, I unleashed a myriad of reflections and, through analogies, I try to capture the many facets of reality hidden symbolic behind the apparent.
What we perceive through our senses, is nothing but surface. Behind it reverberate aspects unfathomable to rational analysis and intuition alone can make us reach a safe destination in the search for meaning.

However, the visible that catches the eye, is the place to move all my pictorial representation. Thus began an exploration that, starting from the surface of things, through gradual layers of the paint and gradual revelations of the metaphysical horizons, try to capture its essence.
And 'trying to read through the mask of the visible what is hidden, and, to put the Leopards with the famous words: "... I shipwreck is sweet in this Tues"


Ludovico della Rocca


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